Laws of the Game


Welcome to’s dedicated section on the Laws of the Game. Here you can read the latest updated version of the Laws which were last modified in May 2018.



Subject to the agreement of the member association concerned and provided the principles of these Laws are maintained, the Laws may be modified in their application for matches for players of under 16 years of age, for women footballers, for veteran footballers (over 35 years of age) and for players with disabilities.

Any or all of the following modifications are permissible

• size of the field of play

• size, weight and material of the ball

• width between the goalposts and height of the crossbar from the ground

• duration of the periods of play

• substitutions

Further modifications are only allowed with the consent of the Football Association Board.

Male and Female

References to the male gender in the Laws of the Game in respect of referees,

assistant referees, players and officials are for simplification and apply to both men and women.

The Laws of the Game can be viewed in full by clicking on the link below

2018-2019 FiFa Laws of the Game

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